We are a community of people crazy enough to believe that we can change the world. How will we do it? By becoming exactly who God has called us to be.

- GP


Mission Statement

We make good trouble and resist the status quo. Legacy, authority, stewardship, and authenticity are the rhythm of our movement. In a world that trains us to strive for greatness yet lose our souls, we have chosen to come alive in our callings and stand in the Truth. And we want to awaken the world-changer inside of you, too.


Vision Statement

A Brave Mind

We are building a culture in which people can embrace the tension between a definite Truth and evolving realities.  

Wood Transparent
Wood Transparent

A Community In Harmony

We envision a society in which relationship is the key driver to aligning our daily actions with our confessed beliefs.

A Life Without Additives

We are committed to a lifestyle in which we remain authentic and completely given to our personal, God-appointed purpose.

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